Right now, I am feeling stressed about work, but very happy that the people I know exist, and have a voice. I am excited about maybe buying a house! I am nervous about buying a [[house]] too!\n\nI am confident that I can be better at making myself happy and not being a [[nervous wreck]] half the time. I am happy with the progress that I am making at being a proactive person with the [[things that I think are important]].\n\n[[Hooray!]]
You should make a game about your feelings too!!\n\nTHE END
It's a nice house, with windows and rooms and carpet and hardwood floor and a yard and hopefully no mold. It's also pretty cheap because people are scared of the neighborhood which actually has very low crime rates in comparison to other parts of Seattle! (except for car theft :/ )
Sometimes I get nervous that I'm failing at everything (which I know I am not) and I have a hard time not feeling that way! I get better every day though, with the support of my amazing wife and the people around me.
Welcome to my feelings.\n\n[[Hooray!!]]
Specifically I think it is important that we listen people who aren't usually given a platform to speak. I'm also trying to gently correct people who completely misunderstand gender stuff, even though I don't know everything myself. I feel like, as a white dude, I have the ability and privilege to be informative because it's not my life at stake necessarily, so that is my responsibility.